Inclusive Smart Cities

This domain rest on the premise that cities cannot be smart if they are not inclusive. The literature on smart cities rarely uses words like inclusion, and when it does, it frequently takes a theoretical and limited approach. People must be at the center of the rising of Smart Cities (Naphade et al. 2001), however, literature presents the citizens’ empowerment as one of the challenges of Smart Cities and research opportunities (Khatoun & Zeadally, 2016; Santana, et al, 2017). The essential element for successful outcomes of smart city developments is to start from people by focusing on citizen needs, embracing citizen-centric design, and searching for an integral quality of life for all.

Technology can offer new creative solutions, but it should always remain a means to an end at the service of citizens. Under this domain, the chair undertakes to produce research output necessary to prepare cities with the capacity to provide opportunities for all, with equal access to public services and space, and create the resources necessary to equip cities with the ability to offer opportunities to everyone. Hence, the Inclusive Smart City concept is a progressive effort to address the issue of inequalities, in line with the South African Smart Cities Framework.


Port ShepstoneKwaZulu-Natal-30.741130.4547
KnysnaWestern Cape-34.035623.0489
VryburgNorth West-26.950024.7333
Beaufort WestWestern Cape-32.350022.5833
Aliwal NorthEastern Cape-30.700026.7000
VredenburgWestern Cape-32.900017.9833
MalmesburyWestern Cape-33.450018.7333
CradockEastern Cape-32.183325.6167
De AarNorthern Cape-30.650024.0167
Jeffrey�s BayEastern Cape-34.033324.9167
LichtenburgNorth West-26.150026.1667
HermanusWestern Cape-34.416719.3000
MiddelburgEastern Cape-31.493925.0172
Port AlfredEastern Cape-33.600026.8833
SwellendamWestern Cape-34.023120.4400
BloemhofNorth West-27.650025.5900
BethlehemFree State-28.233328.3000
MontaguWestern Cape-33.783320.1167
MahikengNorth West-25.865325.6442
BredasdorpWestern Cape-34.533320.0417
CaledonWestern Cape-34.230019.4283
MoorreesburgWestern Cape-33.150018.6667
ColesbergNorthern Cape-30.716725.1000
BrandfortFree State-28.700026.4667
PiketbergWestern Cape-32.900018.7667
Saint Helena BayWestern Cape-32.758318.0278
PrieskaNorthern Cape-29.668322.7439
VelddrifWestern Cape-32.766718.1667
SpringbokNorthern Cape-29.666717.8833
DarlingWestern Cape-33.383318.3833
KurumanNorthern Cape-27.459723.4125
VilliersdorpWestern Cape-33.983319.2833
TulbaghWestern Cape-33.285019.1378
SaronWestern Cape-33.181019.0100
ClanwilliamWestern Cape-32.178618.8911
CitrusdalWestern Cape-32.589419.0147
PortervilleWestern Cape-33.000018.9833
KleinmondWestern Cape-34.350019.0333
HopefieldWestern Cape-33.066718.3500
VanrhynsdorpWestern Cape-31.616718.7167
KlawerWestern Cape-31.783318.6167
Lambert's BayWestern Cape-32.083318.3000
Port Saint John'sEastern Cape-31.628829.5369
CarnarvonNorthern Cape-30.966722.1333
GenadendalWestern Cape-34.033319.5500
RiviersonderendWestern Cape-34.150019.9000
OnrusWestern Cape-34.412219.1700
PofadderNorthern Cape-29.128619.3947
BarrydaleWestern Cape-33.900020.7333
SteytlervilleEastern Cape-33.332824.3447
RawsonvilleWestern Cape-33.684719.3150
FraserburgNorthern Cape-31.914421.5119
SuurbraakWestern Cape-34.004920.6528