Kiara Rampaul

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Exploring the concept of Gender Mainstreaming in Urban Space to promote Inclusive Cities: The Case of Warwick Market

The term Inclusive City speaks for itself - a city built for all, values all its people and their needs equally which would necessitate combating gender inequality. For the purpose of this research the term “Gender Inclusive Cities”. The planning and design of gender inclusive cities is based on gender mainstreaming which involves all women in the decision making processes towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goal 11. Today both men and women are using public spaces, however, the urban environment can still be seen as a mainly male sphere, where women might to a larger extent than men feel insecure, unwelcome or not included. The absenteeism of women and girls in the urban planning process generates a knowledge gap, resulting in public spaces that exclude them. Urban planning is failing women. This research will follow a case study design to explore the concept of gender mainstreaming in city planning of urban spaces.