Mjabuliseni Nkosi
Mjabuliseni Nkosi

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A City of Hope and Despair: An Exploration of the Linkages between Migration and Homelessness in the City of Durban, South Africa.

The movement of people from their original places to cities with the hope for better economic opportunities has put pressure is professionals governing the cities especially those who are tasked which making cities accessible and inclusive to everyone. Urban planners are the in the forefront in addressing the most challenges associated with urbanising cities as a result of migration. Homelessness is one of the major challenges that mainly relate to migrationas a result of the inability of cities to provide shelter for the urban poor especially migrants which result in homeless migrants seeking shelter in their own way. In the case of this study homelessness will be speaking to issues of informal settlements (slums), occupation of abandoned buildings as well as the hijack of building due to the absence of affordable housing which can be regarded as one the prospects of an inclusive city.

Against this backdrop, this study aims to investigate the linkages between migration and homelessness in the city of Durban and it implications for spatial planning. This study critically investigate the challenges and the constraints facing the city with regards to migration and homelessness, it investigate and discuss the forms of migration that contribute to homelessness, it explore the relationship and urban safety, and lastly it will provide the solutions and recommendations to the city in addressing and dealing with homelessness in pursuit of making Durban an inclusive city. The methodological approach for this study is the qualitative research, the qualitative will be responding to all objectives of the study.

Key Words: Migration, Homelessness, Spatial Planning, Affordable Housing, Qualitative Research.