The need to create inclusive cities is one of the over-arching needs of pan-Africanism. Post-colonial Africa has indeed seen the transformation of urban space but in reality, pockets of exclusivity still exist in these manifests themselves in different dimensions. What form do these elements of exclusivity take and what measure can be put in place to address such negativities? The production, consumption and management of housing is highly dependent on both formal and informal regimes of housing finance. How effective are these funding mechanisms in alleviating the plight of those in need of financial interventions and what innovative mechanisms can be used to address the financial dilemmas of the needy communities in housing production? The idea is that the full realisation of the fundamentals under-pinning the creation of human settlements impinges on a number of factors among which is land. Land is a scarce and contested resource which over the years, has been used as a tool to deny households access to decent housing during both the pre and post-colonial periods. What modalities have been put in place to ensure access to land and housing in order to create adequate and decent human settlements for all?

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