Ayobami Popoola

Research Info

Unbundling Issues that Surrounds the Contested Spaces: Arriving at City Inclusivity

Planning at and within regional, national and local levels calls for understanding the complexities that guides the evolution, formation and transformation of city-peri-urban and rural spaces. Unbundling the dilemma of these contested spaces calls for the investigation into various domains that makes up an equal and inclusive space. My research focuses on understanding the inclusivity of these contested spaces for all city and rural dwellers. The main underlying question is how accessible and affordable are these spaces for an average resident? Space is conceptualized in the thinking of land-uses that defines the livelihood conditions of a resident in a quest for an improved liveable city and region. The object of investigation are women, aged, homeless, and migrants with city core and peri-urban sub-urbanised places. Issues investigated are how migrant entrepreneurship skill can be harnessed for improved income, women survival strategies in the competitive city and livelihood (transport, housing, career, and infrastructure) poverty escape within and around the dynamic city centre.