Samuel Medayese

Research Info

Developing a Conceptual Framework for Sustainable Urban Liveability and Inclusive Physical Development in North-central, Nigeria

As urbanization and globalization lead to ever more diverse populations in cities. Their living conditions more rapidly shaped by the emergence of new technologies and environmental challenges with is a reflection of the evolution of their needs, wants, and aspirations. Owing to this, it is becoming increasingly challenging to provide generally acceptable and applicable definitions of urban liveability and sustainable development within the ambit of responsible consumption pattern. Without a clear understanding of the basic elements that defines the concepts, their use in planning and policymaking is becoming increasingly curtailed. It is on the basis of the aforementioned that the need to establish a link between sustainable urban development, urban liveability and inclusive physical development t has become imperative to undertake a research which tries to link these concepts together and ensure the applicability of the evolved model in North-Central Nigeria. This will be undertaken through a compressive methodology using structural equation modelling that embraces social order and behavioural research.